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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Cancer
Versus Leo

Leo and Cancer handle emotions differently, and seek different kinds of attention. Leo may not be able to reassure the sensitive moonchild. If the Crab gets too needy, Leo will lose respect. Cancer will likely intuit the Leo need for approval, but grow resentful if it feels too one-sided. If this isn't overcome, neither may feel like their true needs are getting met. The money issue could be a sticking point, since Leo is a big spender and Cancer a spendthrift. But as players and artists, they have a lot to offer each other, and could create magic through creative collaboration. If they stay on the sunny side of life, this relationship could be one that lasts. Cancer wants to feel emotionally secure, but if Leo is arrogant, that leaves the Crab wondering if they're worthy. Leo wants to feel proud of their mate, and won't have patience for the Crab's moments of panicking in public, and being overwhelmed by insecurity. This situation worsens if Leo grows disdainful, which Cancer picks up immediately. Leo has the comic gifts to lighten Cancer's dark moods, but won't want this to be a full time job. A strong Cancer accepts the posturing of the proud Lion, and will grow from basking in the Leo self-confidence. Leo is a generous and caring partner. He or she will make them feel warm and secure. Leo is serious about romance and they like to feel that they can trust their lover completely. And with a Cancerian, they should have no worries on that score. However, Leo also has a bit of an obstinate and stubborn nature. Leo likes to have his or her own way a lot of the time. Leo enjoys cosy evenings of romance just made for two, just like Cancer. But Leo might also have other plans and if so, Cancer will be expected to fall in with his or her desires. What Leos want, they get. If they donít get what they want, they can make life very difficult for their partners. Cancer might sometimes wonder whether their Leo truly understands them. Yes, he or she will get very emotional but in a fiery kind of way. Whereas when Cancer gets emotional itís in a more sensitive way. Because Cancer is a deeply caring person and their Leo partner can be ever so bossy and domineering, Cancer might sometimes feel overwhelmed. It's a thought, however, that if the Leo is the male in this relationship, they'll get on better. For then the Cancerian female probably won't mind letting her partner make all the rules. Cancer will feel a bit more enthused around Leo and will probably let Leo run things or at least let them think they are in charge and hey! What's the difference? Leo will appreciate cancer's attention and as long as cancer can forget that they feel neglected at times when Leo is out running the world, there is a chance this could work.

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