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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Cancer
Versus Libra

The combination of these two Signs have some things in common, but rarely enough to outweigh the differences and neither truly understands what makes the other tick. Cancer is easily hurt, unless the peace-loving Libra is provoked. Libra will appreciate Cancer's natural desire to love, and protect but sometimes will impose on the Cancerian's desire to give. Due to excess of emotions of Cancer, Libra's balance between emotions and reasons may be disturbed. The secret of heavenly happiness comes from complete captivating communication. When each half of a partnership is receiving those sexy signals loud and clear on their romantic receivers, the airwaves of amour will be pulsating with pleasure. For this pairing to work, a lot of work is in order. Both are seekers of peace and harmony with regard to life itself and relationships, and neither enjoy conflict or confrontation, avoiding such situations if at all possible. In addition, both are generally friendly, easy-going individuals. However, Cancer is sensitive, moody and emotional with a love of the past and the status quo, preferring the familiar to the untested. This individual can also be clannish and something of a nitpicker, relying on feelings and intuition in order to makes decisions. On the other hand, Libra is objective, reasonable, fair and usually detached, weighing and countering decisions before they are made. Libra also loves style, grace and is very aware of the importance of a good image. With an inherent sense of aesthetics, Libra adores having a home which makes a statement, for this is a sign which is normally very concerned with what others might think. In addition, Libra is also fond of the new and trendy, preferring to be in a relationship as opposed to "going it alone." It is necessary for any prospective partner to show an acute interest in such sentimentality when old pictures and such other items are brought out for display. The Crab seems to be too much affected by other people and takes decisions on the basis of his emotions and loyalties. He does believe in communication, but much lesser than a Libra. For a Libran individual, a partner is an equal. However, the Crab either wants to pamper his mate or be pampered, like a child. He wants to be dependent emotionally and seeks a shoulder for that, or wants his partner to depend on him. Though these differences can cause some conflicts in this zodiac match, if they make some efforts, this relationship can indeed turn beautiful. What bonds them is a shared desire for a harmonious home life. Libra's fixation on the relationship eases the insecurites of the Crab. This is an affectionate pair, focused on fulfilling the needs of the other. They both shy away from conflict, and this could lead to repressed anger with the potential to be destructive. It's key here to trust each other enough to be truthful, even if it temporarily upturns the apple cart. As an easy-going person, the Libran might even say the words their partner wants to hear, if only for the sake of peace and harmony. But this won't make them feel very happy and eventually all these petty problems will build up to cause quite a breach between them. Libra needs a partner who is mentally as well as physically compatible with them. But their Cancerian partner will approach this relationship in a more emotional way. To their partner, a relationship is for constantly showing and sharing their affections. Faithfulness is a must. Their Cancerian partner loves their home life and their idea of heaven is to curl up by the fire at home in the evenings and locking the rest of the world out. Libra, on the other hand, would rather be out there with the rest of the world! And because they're more sociable and outgoing than their partner, this could cause problems.

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