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Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Water Sign
Planetary Ruler: 
Stomach, Diaphragm


Cancer, the fourth Sign of the Zodiac, is all about home. Those born under this Sign are 'roots' kinds of people and take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family. The need to protect themselves and their loved ones is an extremely basic instinct with people of this Sun-sign. Used positively it is marvelously helpful, but sometimes it can result in their becoming too easily annoyed, so that a slight annoyance is displayed at the mildest opposition. The need to protect and look after others is second nature, and indeed usually emerges at an early age; children of this sign are good at looking after wild birds or any creature that has been injured, and it is an excellent thing for them to do.

Like the crab that represents them, people who are born under the sign of Cancer can be curious and complex creatures. Emotional security and tranquility are their overriding concerns, and they tend to feel things deeply. A Cancer is most likely doggedly determined when it comes to getting what they want if it will promote their sense of safety. They are very conscience-ridden, which explains their strong sense of responsibility towards not only their own selves but others as well. When these individuals of the sun sign put their mind to it, they almost always achieve their goals.

People might find them extremely difficult to get to know as they can be shy and evasive in public, but Cancerians are open, loyal and protective to those close friends and family whom they trust. Perhaps because the Sun changes direction in Cancer, these individuals can be temperamental. At times they will seem to have the greatest love for life, yet at others they can be nothing but a self-pitying mess. Cancerians can be pleasant and cheerful, or they can be egotistical and vain.

The instinct and intuition of the Cancerian is second to none, and is something that should be developed and used to the full. When a Cancerian "feels" that something is going to happen, or instinctively "knows" what decision to make, the chances of their being right are very high indeed.

The Cancerian emotional level is very high, and needs constructive channeling. Much emotion will be spent on lovers and children ó no generalization where Cancer is concerned. They also have an extremely powerful imagination, and this too needs careful consideration and control. The Cancerian with no creative or positive outlet for these resources will find that they tend to become dominant. A Cancer individualís emotions can be stronger than their physical frame.