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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Cancer And Virgo

The love match between a Cancer and a Virgo may not be instantaneous, but can gradually develop into a deep bond. Both the partners are sincere and devoted to one another and share a strong sense of purpose. Material comforts allure the Cancerian as well as the Virgin, but both would admire if it comes as a result of their hard work. There are some differences in their personality traits and if either of them does not work towards lessening the gap, the relationship might fall on the rocks. They will have to learn to capitalize on their strengths. While a Cancerian is sensitive and emotional, the Virgo is very practical and can be seen thinking all the time, rationalizing everything to excess. The over-criticizing nature of the latter can also add to the rift between the two. In love, Cancer natives are prone to be tactless and unaware of the needs of the other partner until attention is drawn to the fact. Nevertheless, these individuals are most certainly full of good intentions and would never intentionally hurt another. It is important for those governed by Cancer to learn that happiness comes from within. Such individuals suffer much from relatives and friends...their sicknesses or their problems. Although Cancer is basically healthy and independent of spirit, he or she is often in touch with the troubles of life through others despite the tendency of Cancer to run away. If a Cancer individual should happen to associate with the wrong partner, then it is likely to result in a very unhappy state of affairs for a long time since Cancer natives rarely have the courage to admit they are wrong. On the other hand, if they find the right partner, then success, contentment and fulfillment will invariably follow as a natural course of events. The Virgin needs to understand that a Cancer is sensitive and can get hurt by ridicule. On the positive, the inexpressiveness of Virgo can be sorted out by the Cancerian. But first, the Crab will have to understand that it is not easy for a Virgo to display his love and care and it does not mean that he is not in love. The problems in the relationship are trivial and will be mended with time. Cancer and Virgo are signs that donít like surprises, and they enjoy each otherís predictability. You do the same things every day, and you set up a comfortable routine, which gives the relationship a secure foundation. And both Virgo and Cancer are good when it comes to washing, cooking, so if you move in with each other youíll each do your fair share of the household chores. However the relationship doesnít always work out. Cancer can be gooey and sentimental, while Virgo can be clinical and obsessed with detail. Virgo might regard Cancerís soppy sentimentality as a waste of time, while Cancer sees Virgo as cruel and heartless. So if you or your partner possess these traits you should treat this relationship with caution. Virgo communicates very well, as it is governed by Mercury that symbolizes Hermes, the God with wings at his ankles, the courier of ancient Gods. Virgo is even-minded and has a special refinement in analyzing details, so they will bring you back to Earth and at the same time, they will bring some stability in your emotional life. Virgo is rather shy and astrologers like saying that they are also a little boring. This is false, though. Virgo likes surprising you with torrents of passion.

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