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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Gemini Versus

Creative and imaginative Gemini gets along fabulously with innovative Aquarius. They share a common taste for novelty, travel and meeting new people. Because both are impulsive, it is not possible for things to go smoothly always. Love, however, keeps blooming between the two for Aquarius simply adores wit and good cheer of the Gemini person. Aquarius understands even if Gemini is somewhat fluctuating or vacillating. And even if their love affair terminates, they will continue to be good friends. If married, the two are loving and loyal. When these two air signs hook up, there will be sexual attraction and an endless curiosity about the other. Both signs will want to hit the party circuit and mingle together. Gemini is very attracted to outgoing and independent Aquarius. Aquarius sees sex and a relationship with this easy carefree sign known as Gemini. Together, they can build a sexual relationship that could make it to the altar. On the flipside, however, Aquarius could get cold feet and feel trapped by Gemini. Gemini could become impatient with Aquarius and finally walk away bitter. They key to making this relationship work is to know when to walk away. Do not play games with each other and that goes double for Aquarius. There is a tendency in the Gemini nature to often speak before thinking and such words, though usually not intended to cause hurt, can fall flat when such individual fails to carry through on an intention or promise. It is not unusual for the partner of a Gemini native to feel left behind and lacking in importance when his or her mercurial partner discovers a fascinating new subject or person to explore and thus, words from the past become empty and hurtful. Gemini persons bring wit and laughter into a romantic interlude and may become disheartened (or even shocked) if their partners fail to go along with their ever-present sense of humor. The lust lust and needs of those who fall under the jurisdiction of this Zodiac Sign have a tendency to "come and go" with sudden speed and such individuals can "turn off" equally as quickly as they can "turn on." These two are so in tune with one another it is scary. Even if they are apart they can sense one another. Watching this couple will be amusing also. They tend to take time out of the real world and enter into one of their own making, which no-one else can understand or take part in. The closeness of this union is unbreakable and second to none. Boredom will NEVER set in. It is simply impossible for these two people to be bored in each other’s company. They will always find something to do or talk about or make up, this is one of life’s “happy couples”. I have to say from personal experience that this couple will be so active that housework and daily chores may suffer. The Aquarius and Gemini are not conservative people in anyway, and due to their highly creative abilities their’s will be a more ‘bohemian’ lifestyle.

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