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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Gemini
And Leo

The Sun of Leo and your Mercury blend to create a kind of stimulation, which results in short journeys, heated disputes, separations and reconciliation's. To put it mildly plenty of action. Gemini and Leo work extremely well together. One thing is for sure there will certainly be a lot of laughing going on as both the Gemini and Leo knows how to have a good time and both can be somewhat theatrical in their approach to life. Leo person's fit into your general scheme - you are attracted to Leo, Leo mentally stimulates you and you would like to settle down and make a life with Leo. But, Gemini, Leo can be elusive. Very often Gemini and Leo get together to learn lessons from each other. Leo sets a fast pace and, Gemini, for once you are willing to slow down. But, Alas, Leo is just getting started. When this couple get together there won’t be a more sparkly couple to be found, they both shine in their own right but together they are positively illuminating. They are intellectually well suited and will love a good debate, however they also both enjoy being right, the Leo especially so be careful with your witty words Gemini. The signs are compatible. A sense of humor prevails in this Relationship lots of laughs. But laughter can become shrill and turn to tears. Unless you are willing to keep up, to read, to write, to travel, to make changes, then the harmony that prevails at the beginning could sour. Leo individuals inspire you, give you ideas, and make you want to give of yourself. Many of your contacts and your romances are associated with Leo. Domestic conditions can be at the center of your relationship with Leo. There is talk of common residence, marriage you find, to a degree, peace and harmony with Leo. But, listen, Gemini: the chief result of this relationship is mental stimulation for you. Ideas are plentiful. But Leo tends to discipline you. Leo encourages you to be discriminating to choose the best of many plans, schemes, ideas, and possibilities. Gemini's mind naturally likes to go from subject to subject. Gemini has varied interests and like to keep up with what's going on in the world. Gemini can be the original "quick study" who grasps facts, concepts and ideas. On the other hand, Gemini can get bored easily and do not like things to drag along. By developing willpower, Leo can find creative ways to get you into the spotlight and shine. Leo may be playing the game of life stakes higher than Gemini may realize. Leo, the Lion is ruled by the shining Sun and Gemini, the Twins, is ruled by clever Mercury. The Sun, centre of our solar system, is the ruler of the heart, so Leo is loyal and true, but loves to be the centre of attention. In the art of love, Leo is ardent and willing, although not necessarily particularly creative. The cunning Twins can add a little colour and variety to the boudoir by subtly suggesting novel concepts without ruffling the pride of the Lion, who is after all the King of Beasts. Mercury loves to entertain and inform, so can set up suitable social situations in which Leo can shine, but is happy to be the power behind the throne. Leo loves to be admired - and Gemini is happy to oblige, though sometimes you can get a little tired of the Lion's constant need for stroking. Still you have the lightness of touch to cope with Leo's mighty ego.

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