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Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Air Sign
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Hands, Arms, Lungs


The sign of Gemini belonging to the third sign of the Zodiac, represents a dual personality. Perhaps the most dominant Geminian characteristic is versatility. Gemini will never only be involved in one specialist area of one subject and will never get stuck in a rut. If, of necessity, he or she is forced into that position, they will suffer considerably not only from boredom — something that they come near to fearing — but more deeply psychologically, too.

The ruling planet of Gemini, which is Mercury, gives them a powerful need to communicate at all levels, and more often than not it will be Gemini who will speak up when something is wrong, will write to the newspapers, or contribute to a "phone-in" on radio or television.

Being a dual sign has both an up and a downside. Geminis are vitally interested in what's new and fashionable, though they have a healthy skepticism, which allows them to see both sides of the image. They are a party animal, but like to sit back and analyse, or send up the whole procedure. Individuals of this sign multiply the effects of other people's energy, but can become deflated if they are out of the limelight for any length of time. Their sharp wit and excellent powers of observation make them a good raconteur, although they have a tendency to exaggerate, which can cause trouble with relationships.

When a Gemini is intellectually satisfied, they can be refined and charming. However, they are not happy if things do not go their way. Everything has a place in their world, and if anything is misplaced, everyone around them suffers. Gemini’s, have an extreme plus point. They can keep themselves very cool when emergency arises. They remain cool and calm, unlike those who will panic around. In these types of situations, they are able not only to develop solutions or plans of action, but good ones at that.

Geminis see money as a means of power and freedom. This is not to say that you are greedy, though. They simply like to be secure, and money allows this. Work is important to them in that it helps provide this security and gives them something to do. If they can't work, it causes them to feel unsettled and restless. However, they are not always reliable on the job. They only complete a task if it truly interests them, otherwise they tend to go in search of more fulfilling projects.

As something of a non-conformist, they can be very individualistic and creative. Gemini’s can be witty, sociable and courteous, and enjoy being well known and liked, but they're not willing to change themselves in order to have this satisfaction. They dislike being tied down in any way, be it in a friendship or a relationship, and sometimes seek out changes if they start to feel trapped.