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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Aquarius
Versus Leo

The Lion is intrigued by the remote cool of the Waterbearer. Aquariusis charmed by the Leo warmth and highly developed sense of personal style. Both have an aura of self-containment that makes them a sought-after pair. Leo and Aquarius are an interesting combination of passion, friendship and sexuality. There will never be dull moments with these two. Social groups and events will keep the relationship stimulating. Both need independence and share similar creative abilities. Aquarius has a very cold and sarcastic side to their personality when they are around some people. Leo's soul purpose is to celebrate the Self, and express its uniqueness through creativity. Aquarius, on the other hand, has a persona woven into the collective, and always sees through the vision of "all of us." They offer each other the view from the other side -- Leo sees its part in the whole, and Aquarius sees its uniqueness as an individual. This is brought out in a relationship between the two, and Aquarian's words of criticism can really hurt Leo's confidence. Leo love to bring great energy to the living of your life and Leo do things on a grand scale. The Aquarius would rather sit back observing life and making intelligent comments and theories about it. Leo's personalities are just too different for this match to work out- Leo may not even be able to stand being near Aquarian after a while. There isnít much physical chemistry between them either. Sometimes the Leo can get a little over the top when it comes to showing off and performing for people, which can get on the nerves of the Aquarius who has a far more subtle approach to things. The Leo will expect applause and encouragement from his/her partner all the time which may seem fun at first but the Aquarius partner soon tires of this. The problem is that both of these two people want to lead, to be the boss. And in any relationship their is only room for one, if any. Neither of these two fancy laying down and playing the submissive game either and although at first their excitement in one another seemís endless,sadly it does dissipate over time. Leoís are very into themselves, and the Aquarius isnít the type of person to constantly give out adoration. Aquarius wants to get out into the world, Aquarius cares. Leo does two, but does tend to put him/herself first.

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