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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Leo And Capricorn

Capricorn is fascinated with Leo and there is potential for a lasting love here. Hard work and the desire for success will play an important role in bonding you to one another. Hidden agendas and manipulation do not exist in the land of Capricorn, Leo. Infact, both of them have more dissimilarities than the similarities. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Capricorn is ruled by the Planet Saturn. The Sun is about ego and self, and it radiates warmth and light. Leo indeed radiates this kind of energy and enthusiasm. Saturn is about responsibility and hard work. These two can learn from one another's diversity. The Sun represents life, and Saturn represents tenacity; as long as they pay attention to one another, their combination is a good one, leading to many completed projects. Leo is a Fire Sign and Capricorn is an Earth Sign. Leo wants creative freedom, while Capricorn desires professional security. This combination creates a balanced romantic relationship. They will enjoy their time together and save time to pursue personal interests as well. As long as they continually reassure one another of their significance, conflicts are not usually harmful to the relationship. A Capricorn is not very emotional and can easily live a detached and reserved life. He is very down-to-earth and trusting people does not come naturally to him. On the other extreme, we have a Leo, who has is very warm and very emotional and lives a life of class and sophistication. He needs to maintain a certain status and will go to any extent to do that. Even in the money area, they are not compatible. Keep jealousy and games out of the picture or lose Capricorn forever. Capricorn gets better with age and is very much attracted to a prestigious lifestyle. Leo needs to understand how important success really is for Capricorn and Capricorn needs to analyze Leo a little less frequently. Leo natives are warm and supportive souls whose affections will continue to grow stronger the more they feel their partners care about them. While the personal values of Leo individuals will provide great self-confidence, these natives are continually disappointed in the actions and motives of others. Thus, they are somewhat destined to be disappointed in love at least once during a lifetime. Therefore, in matters of the heart, Leo subjects should be careful to exercise the greatest care and prudence in the selection of a life partner since any mistake in this area could mean the unhappiness of a lifetime. Indeed, any form of long-term relationship should not be entered into by the Leo individual until he or she is well-settled in life and then only with a partner who is on an equal plane both socially and intellectually. Nonetheless, that having been said, a Leo native will always come up fighting.

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