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The coming together of two Leos in a love match is something that not many people can stop themselves from wondering about. Although there is no Sign of the Zodiac as warm-hearted and giving as Leo, these natives will always yearn to be the center of attention but there can only be one center. Nonetheless, since a Leo individual tends to love with all of his or her heart, this trait could go far in overcoming some of the worse aspects associated with this Leo/Leo combination. The love of "show" will likely result in a home which is akin to a showplace for friends and family to admire, but since these natives generally gamble with life and enterprises, the monetary affairs of this union is apt to be unstable to say the least. They can do everything if their goals and methods are alike. Emotionally, these two are erotic and exotic, like an island in paradise, full of swaying palm trees, warm waves lapping the sandy shore and the sound of music merging into complete contentment. This couple will blaze a tremendous trail as they whirl around town together, seeing the sights and being seen by everyone else. After all, because they're both leos, they can rest assured that anything one of then wants to do is bound to appeal to the other one! They'll have a terrific time together and their mutual mates will adore it when they meet. There are some very dark, dank and dour lions indeed, who don't seem to be like the sunny side of this sign at all and they'll put a damper on things. But if both lions in this magnificent menagerie are the sort of leos who love life, so that life loves them in return, they'll have an astoundingly amorous, affectionate and ardent affair that could last all their nine lucky lives. The only snag in the compatibility between two Leos is their mutual craving for attention and dominance. Since each of them has an equal urge to get noticed and talked about, there would be no one to suffice this need. At the same time, both are natural leaders and question of taking the lead is bound to create problems. Taking the backstage is not easy for a Leo and this is where problems will crop up in the relationship. Two Leos in a love match need to realize that they have to complement each other and not compete with each other. Two Leos can either be passionate and possessive lovers or violent and brutal enemies. Things will never ever be moderate between the two. Since both are strong willed and determined, the combination would be a sure shot winner if both work towards a single goal. However, if they are interested in different things, it would be an impossible situation to recover from. Emotionally, both of them will d blend with each other superbly. If both learn to take turns in being the leaders, they will be able to triumph over anything.

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