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 Libra With Capricorn

This combination of Libra with Capricorn cannot easily combine as there should be some common purpose or destiny to form long term association. Both share an amazing ability to communicate and understand one another. You two will support each other through the good times and the bad. Librans are open-minded people and make friends with everyone easily whereas Capricornians are introvert and very sincere in their life. Capricornians belong to the category of those people who believe in the principle of simple living and high thinking. Librans, on the other hand, believe in enjoying every bit of life. They also try to make Capricornians happy but the latter will not be able to express feelings freely. The love match requires lot of perseverance and patience in handling the relationship. Sexual and romantic compatibility will be subtle at first, but will get hotter over time. A sense of balance and loyalty will keep these two together. The union of a Libra and Capricorn can go either ways - it can be a romantic bliss or a disappointing match. Everything would depend on the level of adjustment both of them are ready to make. On the face of it, the two may seem to be quite different from each other. A Libran is an extrovert by nature and loves to interact with people. He gets bored when he is not amongst people and not communicating with them. On the other hand, a Capricorn is more concerned about his own career and is quite serious in almost every aspect of life. In this relationship, the former will always be demanding a little frivolity and the latter a little gravity. However, if they make efforts, both of them can easily complement each other and form a harmonious relationship. The Goat can provide all the security that is essential in life and the Libran can maintain the social contacts required for living in the community. The latter can help ease off the pressure, which the former feels, is on his shoulders, all the time. Nonetheless, all this requires patience and perseverance and if either of them is missing, this match has dismal chances of success. The differences in the way they express their emotions and feelings also pose a threat for the couple. While the Goat is least expressive, Libra is crystal clear about his feelings. However, things can turn in their favor with a little bit of adjustment and understanding. While the Libran would help the Capricorn to get over any kind of pressures he is facing, the former would, in turn, will get rewarded with the security he is looking for. The key to this relationship understands from both the partners and lots of adjustment. The prognosis for a long- term involvement is excellent provided no secrets are kept from each other. Relatives can sometimes be a problem for these two. The truth will set you both free. Think about it! These two will experience an unorthodox lifestyle together if they settle down eventually.

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