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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Libra
With Libra

In a relationship between two Librans, both of them will charm each other with their delicate tact and subtle diplomacy. As it is, who can resist the captivating smile of a Libra, not even another Libran! Both of them believe in maintaining harmony in a relationship and want to please their partner. They will go to any lengths to maintain a peaceful relationship. Thus, any major problem in their love match seems to be a quiet distant possibility. A Libran values balance and equality, so none of the partners will dominate in this relationship. With another Libra, you share numerous experiences, many of them beautiful. There's lots of laughter, much art and light, but not too much staying power. This relationship is good for fun and games, but where settling down is concerned, there are apt to be problems. You come down from the clouds to face everyday realities and the relationship undergoes a marked change. It can work, but it requires wisdom and maturity. The Libra woman takes marriage seriously. She takes a relationship seriously. She is not apt to be promiscuous. She wants beauty and considers you a beautiful person. You can easily hurt her. She has character. You will have to be considerate or you will lose her. You will have to be kind or you will disillusion her. If you succeed in winning her, you will have won for yourself an opportunity for peace, contentment and love. The Libra man is sensitive, so much so that he can make you a nervous wreck. Please him but don't baby him. He wants to be manly, Praise and flatter him, especially along sexual lines. He is considered to be delicate, but he is lusty enough to fulfill your needs if you love him. To keep him, you will have to be aware of your appearance. He notices bulges in the wrong places. He may deny it, but he loves being told how handsome he is, how talented, how loving, how exciting. He's fragile, but worth the trouble. Both are easygoing and lack fighting spirit. So they do not make a progressive team. But are well matched in emotions, physical sex, elegance and have attractive and pleasing tastes. These folk find it hard to make up their minds at the best of times, even if it's over what sort of sock to sport. When it comes to the realms of romance, these airy amours are really in a pretty pickle. Librans have sleepless nights over the prospect of being spurned. They're often frightened to make the first move in a prospective partnership and won't stick their necks out in case they get their heads chopped off. With so much beauty and potential in this relationship, itís easy to see why these two signs attract each other in the first place. Both are ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, and will find the other sexually irresistible. This is a sexy, classy and extremely compatible pairing. These two will insist that each has met the right person. Libra will always be romantic, social and outgoing. There can never be too much of a good thing. Sex will be powerful: love really can take their breath away. Librans love the feeling of high and ecstasy that come when they are in love. They can be one of the most romantic couples, spending quality time with each other, doing things which take their compatibility to the highest levels possible. Since they share mutual interests, they would spend a great time together, appreciating art, films and cultural activities. Once they (male or female) decide on something, Librans would do anything to achieve it. They will happy indulging in all kinds of discussions with each other, be it psychological, intellectual or frivolous.

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