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 Libra And Scorpio

Intelligent and freedom-loving, versatile and erratic, Gemini individuals tend to be a romantic challenge to any potential mate and something of a mystery as well. Gemini individuals usually share a very good rapport with Librans. Both of them love people and huge gatherings. They like to converse with people and be a part of the crowd. A Libra individual is extremely considerate towards his loved ones and does not even mind compromising a little, especially when in a love relationship. This will go a long way in maintaining the compatibility in a Gemini- Libra zodiac match. Both the individuals have one common trait - they find it difficult to take decisions quickly. Gemini individuals find the game of love to be something of an adventure. These natives needs a partner who can be attentive and will naturally enjoy the inherent sparkle and wit associated with this Sign. A strong mate is generally preferred not necessarily as intellectual, but one who can provide emotional stability. When actually in love, Gemini can be a very caring and thoughtful soul. However, more often than not, these subjects find themselves adrift feeling vulnerable and needing something or someone to fill the lonely void. Gemini will love the beauty and social charms of Libra. Gemini will see an “equal” partner and could want to make a relationship with Libra permanent. Libra will see conversation, dinner and great sex in Gemini. This is a promising pair that has the ability to go places together. Gemini will need to focus more on romance to hold on to sexy Libra. Libra will just have to look beautiful and be social which will be easy for them. These two signs should go get a room and see what develops. A long-term love will make both feel very secure in both sex and romance. See what develops, Gemini. Gemini individuals are fascinated by all aspects of the concept of love, with the domestic angle being less of a fascination. Gemini subjects will definitely marry for passionate love and for no other reason...sweeping aside all older and wiser advice which may be offered, they will take the "plunge" exactly as the heart dictates. Those governed by Gemini are counted among the lucky few who most certainly know the deep expression of being truly "in love." This can sometimes occur more than once during the lifetime of those born under this sign. Librans are the Zodiac's seekers of balance, harmony and justice. Librans do best when paired up with others. They do not really care to be alone. Those they pair with can count on them to be fair and avoid conflict if possible. Often Libras may seem a bit indecisive. This is because in their efforts to be fair they must study every angle of a situation before making a decision. They really are out to do what is best for all. Libras are master strategists and organizers. Librans are friendly, sociable and can charm anyone who engages them in conversation. When bored they quickly become lethargic and may need those around them to supply the spark to get them back on track.

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