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As in western astrology, in numerology too there is a question of compatibility of the numbers. The compatibility of a person with another is based on his birth number. There are certain numbers, which are compatible and match ideally with some numbers. These numbers when matched with the birth numbers create lasting relationships.
The Compatibility chart goes like the following:-

Birth Number Compatibility Number
1 1,2,4,8,9
2 1,2,7,8
3 3,5,6,7,9
4 1,4,6,8
5 3,5,9
6 3,4,6,9
7 2,3,6,7
8 1,2,4
9 1,3,6,9

In Numerology the numbers 1 to 9 have significance as far as romance is concerned. Each number has a certain meaning and they give a certain trait as far as romance and marriage is concerned

Number 1
These numbers are said to be romantic in nature. They are however conceited, and often appear cold. They like to head the family.

Number 2
This number signifies a person who has a gentle and cooperative disposition. They are very intense personalities and can go to any extent for a lasting relationship.

Number 3
The people with number 3 as birth numbers are romantic and passionate. They are gentle lovers and always seek newer fashions of love making. They are more or less keen on a balanced relationship and bear a give-and take attitude. They are very sensitive in nature and never forget their first love.

Number 4
These people look for balance in a relationship rather than romance. They are practical and levelheaded. They like it when the other one is willing to share his duties. They are earnest and emotionally dependable when it comes to love affairs.

Number 5
These personalities are seekers of pleasure than balance in marriage, love and home. Are ready for changes and love freedom. They are airy in nature and often turn out to be rather superficial.

Number 6
People with this birth number are said to be the best choice as a partner in love, marriage and home. They are very much dependent on their partners.

Number 7
These people are very choosy in selecting their mate. They just don’t fall in love without thinking the consequence of their love life with the proposed partner. Once they fall in love, they don’t give up the relationship and prove to be passionate lovers.

Number 8
These people are not all for love and romance. They are money minded people and hence their marriage and romance suffer. They want their mate to be efficient, aspiring and bold.

Number 9
Romantic by their basic nature they are very susceptible in romance in nature indeed.There can be loss of the beloved owing to heedless attitude.

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