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The personality number is calculated in just the opposite way of calculating the heart number. Adding up the consonants of the name, and then adding them to a single number determine this number. Thus for LOPA ROY the personality number can be calculated in the following fashion.


12 16 = 12+16 = 28 = 2+8 = 10 = 1+0 = 1


18.25 = 18 +25 = 43 = 4+3 = 7

The sum total is1 +7 = 8
Therefore LOPA ROY’s personality number is 8.
The personality numbers from 1 to 9 mean the following.

Number 1
The people who come under these digits are well mannered and enterprising. They like to remain well dressed always. They generally belong to this number and have an outstanding individuality. They are smooth talkers and are delightful in nature.

Number 2
These personality number people have pleasing manners, is loved all around. Minute details help them master their job. Their dressing yourself up is amongst your favourite hobbies. These people have a mild and decent disposition. They have a habit of messing around.

Number 3
These people enjoy good company and socialising. They have a great aesthetic sense. Flashing things around makes them feel powerful. They like being friendly with everyone. They like mixing around and are happy when given to shop.

Number 4
These personality numbers can view things with a serious mind. They are always neatly dressed. They also have a very down-to-earth in approach to life.

Number 5
These personality numbers are mostly modern and savvy. They have an ultra-modern personality. They talk a lot and are very articulate in nature. That may prove too much beyond a time. They have a flip side to their personality that is they like to boast a lot about their ownselves.

Number 6
These personality numbers are compassionate, at heart. They are very emotional in nature and are very humane towards others as well. They are sentimental and easily fall in love.

Number 7
These personalities have a unique charm that impresses everyone around. They also have a well-liked personality. They like to keep to themselves. These people hate to mingle with everyone and are very choosy.

Number 8
These people like to show-off, specially the way they dress. It also gives them away. They have a friendly attitude and are gregarious in their disposition. They are quite optimistic, in their way of thinking as well.

Number 9
These people are friendly and warm. This is precisely what makes them conspicuous in the standing. They have pleasing manners that impress instantly. Leading a fanciful mind, they often possess a creative mind. They have a generous heart and are capable of earning a lot of fame.They are attractive in their personal disposition and are very energetic and optimistic and this is precisely what keeps them alive.

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