Line Types

The Life Line:

The lifeline starts between the thumb and the index finger. It then touches the wrist, curving widely around the thumb. This line indicates longevity, vitality, and quality of life.

The lifeline does not indicate how old one would live. What the line reveals is the quality of one’s life. It is an index of how much vitality, strength and energy you have. A lifeline running close to the thumb, indicates a person of low vitality sometimes found in the hands of people who suffer chronic fatigue syndrome. The lifeline indicates the physical capacity of a person.

A lifeline that runs a wide curve shows a person with lots of vitality, get up and go. If the headline is stronger than the lifeline it shows a person who is more mentally than physically active. A chained lifeline indicates a delicate health. Little lines rising indicate an active personality. Outward swinging lines indicate a love of travel. Most of the small lines on the life line refer to particular events at certain times of your life. A branch leading to the Jupiter mount is a sign of academic achievement. A branch that leads to the Saturn mount indicates a successful property transaction.

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