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Ethel/Othala (Possessions)

An inheritance. Money matters are favored. You may receive assistance from older relatives or long time friends.

Ethel (Ethel) is the rune of the household and the estate, its sentiment is summed up in the phrase "A man's home is his castle." It is the rune of the home life and the safety of the home. However, to keep this estate one must uphold what is right and keep the moral codes of the community. Ethel symbolizes the customs and morals of the tribe, its laws. It is also the rune of inheritance and of nobility. It is therefore linked to one's hereditary traits as well as one's personality traits brought about by their up bringing. This can be seen as part of one's personal wyrd or that of the family or clan.

Ethel can also be seen as that type of maegen which is linked to one place or group of people. Whereas other runes symbolize maegen in general, the maegen Ethel represents is tied to specific families. It is the might of ancestral homelands, of ancient clans. Whereas feh represents mobile power, Ethel represents that power which is fixed, stable, and far more powerful in the long run.

It is the rune of the enclosure known as the tribe, a group of people banded together for mutual protection from the wilds outside. Ancient Northern Europe was sometimes a difficult place to survive, in many ways like the American frontier. Warfare with Celts and Romans and even with other Germanic tribes was often the case. Yet, one's homeland was safe, a place where one was surrounded by a loving caring community. Yet this safety can only be kept as long as ancient customs and laws are observed, as long as what is right is done.

In divination, Ethel can indicate an inheritance either of a physical or spiritual nature. In spellwork, it can be used to enforce customary law or to protect one's estate.

Sigel/Sowilo (Victory)

Rest and recuperation after your successes. Strengthen the life force. This is a rune of power - the power to change one's condition. Opposition is easily overcome.

Sigel is the rune of the sun, and therefore is linked to all of the sun's imagery. The Northern Europeans however did not view the sun as masculine like the Greeks and Egyptians, there was no sun god per se. In the Mediterranean regions the sun was often seen as harsh; bringing dry, hot summers. Northern Europeans however saw the sun as a goddess due to the warmth she gave in the often cold north. This warmth was seen as the warmth a mother or wife gives their children or husband. It is a feeling of love and safety. It was the sun's rays that allowed the crops to grow, the same crops that would be stored for the onslaught on winter.

Sigel is a rune of protection and good weather. Strangely, enough it is often connected to Thunor (Thor), god of the thunderstorm, as is the fylfot though this may be due to his role as protector. It is also a rune of beauty, the words used in the Ancient Northern European tongues for beauty were also used of the sun's rays. Overall, Sigel is a very positive rune, although the imagery of its rune poem verse also link it to Lagu whose verse is similar, the difference being Sigel is a safe journey while Lagu's is a rough one. Sigel is the opponent to Is and can be used to overcome any such standstill in life. It is the thawing rays of spring.

In divination, Sigel can indicate a time of safety and happiness, a time of hope and safe journeys. In spellwork it is especially good for ensuring safe journeys or safety in any undertaking.

Daeg/Dagaz (Growth)

Clarity is realized. The situation improves. Success is indicated. Expect an extended period of prosperity. Growth is not rapid, but it is constant.

Daeg is the rune of daylight and the happiness associated with it. It has much in common with Jera, in that it reflects a cycle of nature, but this one is much shorter. Day can be seen as symbolic of a short though happy process of change. It can also be associated with the feeling of elation felt on warm sunny spring days. Many associate it with the principle of shamanic ecstasy, though it is probably more indicative of the burst of enthusiasm, of true joy, than it is any spiritual awakening. No doubt this sudden burst of enthusiasm may be due to a sudden realization, one that may be linked to the divine. In this sense, Daeg may be related to the Christian principle of agape, the love for the divine sometimes felt when divine revelation is recieved.

Daeg however is only the last part of a process. The ancient Northern Europeans started the "day" with nightfall, so that by the time daybreak had come, half the cycle of light and darkness had passed. Daeg therefore represents something that must be achieved only by surviving the dark of the night. To see the light of day, one must first survive the darkness before dawn.

In divination, Daeg sometimes means a change for the better is about to take place. In magic it can be used to achieve happiness and intuitive thoughts

Gear/Jera (Harvest)

Ending and renewal. A change bringing future growth. Events will unfurl at their own pace.

The rune gear is the rune of the harvest, the reaping of one's labors. It is also a rune of divine aid or the cooperation from the forces of nature. It is the marriage of the sky and the earth, the rains and the soil that along with Man's labors brings about fruits from the soil. This line of thought goes beyond mere agriculture however, and can be applied to nearly any undertaking in life, a project at work, a relationship leading to marriage, the birth of a child. On an esoteric level, Gear represents the completion of a project and the labor that went into it. It also represents the cycles of nature, and reflects the cycles we go through to accomplish great deeds. Gear can reflect gradual growth or change, development of something from beginning to end in a slow process.

Gear also reflects the natural cycles of Wyrd, the laws of Wyrd that governs the growth of plant life, the endless cycle of death in the fall and rebirth in the spring. The lesson of Gear is that no state is eternal, the world is ever changing, and there is no set uniform universe, only the uniform laws of cyclical change that govern it.

In divination,Gear can indicate a project is about to come to fruition, or that it may take a cycle to complete. In spell work it can be used to reap the benefits of hard labor.

Wynn/Wunjo (Joy)

Joy and luck. Connections with Water. Recent problems are resolved happily.

Wynn is the rune of joy and pleasure. The rune name itself is related to the word winsome. This is the rune of positive thinking; to achieve few sorrows, one must use joy or happiness. In addition, they must have a good stronghold, a fortress of the self to withstand the travails of life. Wynn is the rune of elation, of happiness, of taking pleasure in life. Even with the often rugged and hard life of the ancient Northern Europeans there was room for happiness and joy; the togetherness of the family, the seasonal celebrations throughout the year such as Yule. Wynn is the rune of wishes come true, of dreams fulfilled, of togetherness and love. Wynn governs the harmony of humans, that which allows Mankind to live in peace and happiness.

Wynn also governs self esteem for without good self esteem, one can not truly feel happy. For this, one must have a strong will to survive, to combat sorrow. One who loves one's self is usually loved by others. In essence, Wynn is the rune of frith or peace, the peace of mind one has when living in a community of caring individuals without the threat of such hardships as poverty, famine, or heartbreak.

In divination, it can mean a period of joy or that happiness will be needed. In magic, it can be used to achieve joy and happiness.

Raed/Raidho (Wagon)

A journey or change is indicated, perhaps spiritual, perhaps physicial. Progress is made. The time is right for trade. Unexpected news coming.

Raed symbolizes a journey, either a physical one or a spiritual one. The ancient Europeans saw the universe not as space but as action, for them where action was not taking place, there was a void where nothing existed. This action or movement is reflected in Rae. This action was also reflected in the metaphysical realm by the movement of the dew dripping down from the World Tree into Wyrd's Well, only to become dew again. This action was symbolic of the flow of time itself. It is the rune of ordered movement and as such also is the rune of the dance and the rhythm to the dance. It is the rune of time keeping and travel. It is also symbolic of the sun's course across the sky as well as that of the moon. This being so Raed is tied to the passage of the day, the months, and the seasons.

As can be seen by the "Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem" verse, any journey seems easy to the one not taking it. The ancient Northern Europeans saw action as necessary to the maintenance of the universe, non-action was seen as evil or detrimental. Therefore, it was desirable to take the long hard journey, to be constantly in movement. Yet, anything seems easy to one that does not do it. Raed is related to the other "journey" runes Lagu and Sigel, as well as Eh which also implies movement.

Raed can also represent the hard journey, the difficult road to travel in life. The "Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem" verse could refer to the refusal of the hero to take that journey, a part of Joseph Campbell's Monomyth. Refusal indicates a loss of what could have been a great reward, while acceptance can mean great benefits will be received after a hard time of travel.

In divination Raed means a journey that should be or has been taken. In magic, it can be used to send one on a journey or to keep ordered movement.






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