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Sun Signs Compatibility Check : Sagittarius
And Sagittarius

With their progressive outlook on life, they are definitely going to attain some new heights in life. However, to attain this, either of them will have to show a little seriousness towards life. A lively life, with lots of variety and explorations, seems to be very fascinating. But, it is also necessary to have the feet firmly planted on the ground. A Sagittarius is quite philosophical and if his partner does not share the same ideology, problems may arise. If both of them are very straightforward, they seldom get hurt while facing the truth themselves also. The similarity of temperaments is another positive feature of this zodiac match that will strengthen its compatibility. Both of them are extremely sociable and love to interact with new people, of either sex. And since they share this trait also, there will be no jealousy on either part, as they know that the flirtation is totally harmless. A Sagittarius is totally independent and loves his freedom. But, they will have to make sure that this free spirit does not make them drift too far from each other. The adaptability of Sagittarius gives ambidexterity to its subject and enables them to tackle more than one thing at a time. Concentration is not their strong point, however, and they often become unstuck when talking on too much. Their love of change and variety makes them fascinating but unreliable .Projects are started but not finished, appointments and promises are made but not kept, and words are spoken which mean nothing a few days later. Sagittarians listen earnestly to advice but rarely follow it. They are easily able to forgive and forget. Regarded as the luckiest sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius always appear to land on their feet. They can be reckless and foolhardy, and children of this sign are often prone to accidents. Sometimes this even means an "open relationship," and the okay to pursue sexual experiences apart. Both have an urge to explore and try new things, and that makes long term commitment an iffy proposition. Two Archers that nurture the potential for unlimited growth, will find a relationship that's always evolving and new. A love of traveling and a restless wanderlust are traits that you have in common. Both of you are optimists and you love to shoot for the stars. Minor details annoy you and pettiness is abhorrent to you. You have a youthful enthusiasm, and have a spirited, progressive outlook on life. With so much in common, you are able to have a wonderful time together. Neither one of you takes life too seriously, so you can count on having a lively relationship with lots of variety, new adventure, and play. Both of you are also rather philosophical and if you develop different philosophical or religious viewpoints, you may find it difficult to feel really close to each other! Also, both of you are often blunt and lacking in subtlety and often oblivious or indifferent to others' personal feelings, but fortunately neither of you is insulted very easily. The double Sagittarius couple looks to the sunny side of life, and find harmony in that shared optimism. Any fiery arrows sent in anger are soon laughed off and forgotten. They're both starkly honest, so nothing is festering to rear up as a relationship monster. Look to the Moon and other planets for dimension on how this pairing plays out.

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