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 Scorpio And Aquarius

A love match between Scorpio and Aquarius is usually not great. Both are fixed but Scorpio is water and Aquarius is air. Air and water rarely understand each other. Aquarius is very independent and hate’s being questioned about his whereabouts. The Aquarius mate will be pleased to let his/her partner go out with friends as long as they are safe with no questioning on their return. The Scorpio on the other hand is less independent and far more possessive. They get jealous very quickly and the Aquarius’s free spirited attitude will lead to the suspicious side of the Scorpio rising to the surface. As far as your Scorpio partner is concerned, he or she expects you to place a lot of importance on this romance. They are serious about their loving. Scorpio has high levels of passion and they will find outlet for them this in romance. Aquarians are an active and sociable person and you won't always be around for your partner. This, he or she, will find quite frustrating. Aquarian enjoys being with people and Aquarian like to feel independent. They won't always want to go to parties with Scorpio partner at their side. Sometimes Aquarian will simply want to join a few friends for a laugh. Scorpio just won't understand this. He or she will seem to become quite obsessed with the need to know that entire Aquarian do. Scorpio will need to keep things light at all times without being possessive. Aquarius needs to give Scorpio credit for effort and laughter. Scorpio is not shy like Aquarius wants to believe. For this to work plan trips and travel together to build a connection based on trust. Aquarius doesn't blink at Scorpio's extreme views and moods, being a radical non-judger, and prone to off-the-wall opinions, too. Aquarius can be like a bridge over troubled water for Scorpio, helping the latter gain perspective. But Aquarius doesn't "do drama" and won't take the bait if Scorpio attempts a power grab. Scorpio's biggest challenge here is accepting that Aquarius can't be possessed, as it's a sign that casts a wide social net. And that becomes a sticking point, as Aquarius likes to have lots of friends, many of them casual acquaintances. Scorpio in contrast, has a handful of intimates with which to share the soul's journey. Being a sign of mind-body-soul merging, Scorpio longs to plunge the depths of love with their partner. Being so strong-willed, this is bound to be one intense relationship. They've got the determination to create exactly the kind of life they want. With Aquarius thwarting convention, often this is a pairing that's unusual in some way. Both like to remain enigmatic, even to those they love. It keeps the relationship fresh and ever changing, since there are always more layers to uncover. Aquarius can be loyal, but Scorpio will have to accept that it won't ever be a full surrender. There's a dignity about what's created, when all goes well, that is far more valuable. It's a lifelong friendship full of respect, freedom and intimacy.

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