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The colors of each tarot deck have their own symbolic meanings. These colors carry meaning for us in our daily life as well as for their metaphysical or esoteric value. Within each card, take note of the colors throughout the card, be it the background, possibly the sky, landscape or the clothing, buildings, amulets or tools used within the card. The following list of colors and their "basic" meanings add to the interpretation of the card. Meditation on certain colors within the card often help "clear the blocks" sometimes experienced during a reading. 

White - purity, healing, white shadow (animus), union through the mind, new intellectual frontier, purity, protection 

Black - the unknown, black shadow (anima), darkside of the soul, letting go, yet offering the "black hole" of  endless possibilities

Brown - earth, practical issues, the home and family, grounding, application, implementation and production

Pink - emotional love, harmony, self-love, friendship 

Red - heart, soul, willpower, vitality, love, passion, courage

Orange - energy, vitality, joy, life force, strength

Yellow - sun, consciousness, zest for life, clairvoyance, communication

Green - healing love, prosperity, fresh, newness, promising, inexperienced, immature

Blue - open sky, space and clear water, spirituality, tranquility, meditation

Purple - the soul, spirituality, intuition, healing, guidance

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