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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Leo And Taurus

Both signs are lovers of beauty and comfort, possessing high ideas, fidelity and a love of good food and music in other words, both crave the best life has to offer. Given the money-management abilities inherent in the Taurus nature, this union could lead to a most royal lifestyle. However, tension between these two Fixed Signs is usually inevitable and Leo may play a dangerous game within this combination by denying his or her Taurus partner affection or sex. The focus in this match should concentrate on building emotional security and avoiding no-win emotional showdowns if it is to succeed. It is necessary for Leo to curb the tendency to give "regal commands" and learn to coax rather than order. The extravagance of the Leo nature and the possessiveness of the Taurus character often turn into bones of contention. All too often, Taurus quickly tires of the Leo craving for publicity, while Leo begins to wish that Taurus was not quite so conservative and uptight. Once arguments begin between Taurus and Leo, they can continue indefinitely since both will be stubborn and reluctant to give way. Nonetheless, both are serious workers and will probably have great respect for each other in that regard but might not respect the way in which the other goes about his or her work. Leo finds sensuality and passion with Taurus. These two signs will party, play and share a strong friendship. They share similar ideas about sex and thatís a great start. Taurus is instantly attracted to outgoing Leo. Taurus will stick with Leo through good times and not so great times. This is something Leo needs to feel secure. Taurus also finds Leo independence very attractive. This is a highly rewarding combination that has both long and short term potential. Before they know it, they could fall madly in love. Taurus is serious and sensual. Leo considers Taurus a keeper and friendship will always be evident long after the attraction has ended. You will learn more about yourselves in this relationship. Itís worth the insight. Both Taurus and Leo are possessive and faithful, interested in cultural activities and a neat home. Inspite of these differences, which may lead to extreme arguments at times, the commitment between the two, will hardly falter. But, they will have to remember not to take each other granted and try to compromise by turns. The stubbornness will have to be subdued in both of them; otherwise the problems may become too huge. The Lion will bask in the attention showered by the Bull and will in turn charm him with his charisma. Taurus will also let the Lion rule the relationship as well as him to quite an extent, thus boosting his vulnerable ego. Both of them show great compatibility in the area of passion and romance too.

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