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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Libra Versus Taurus

A Taurus as well as a Libra tries to stay as far away from conflicts as possible. Both signs are ruled by Venus, so comfort and company are high on your list of priorities. The way to the Libran heart is through appreciation and admiration. Make sure you understand this need for appreciation if you want to make progress with Libra. Libra is very much about relationships; your Libran partner seeks to please and views lovemaking as an art. Creating the right environment for love is very important and a failure to do so on your part will soon see Libra looking elsewhere. If you can give a Taurus security, beauty, nature and pleasure you have a better chance of getting their love and affection. If you can give a Libra class, style, fairness and equality then you have a better chance of getting their love and affection. On the more negative side, Taurus is possessive and enjoys staying at home while Libra, something of a flirt, loves the social life and enjoys a wide circle of friends of the opposite sex. Although any Libra flirtation will seldom be serious, the jealous nature of Taurus can create a problem in this regard. Another source of resentment can be Libra's extravagant nature which clashes with the Taurus need to stick to a budget. Libra is usually reluctant to commit and often feels hemmed-in by Taurus, something that Taurus finds insulting. Thus, if neither of these partners is willing to talk, then such a cycle is apt to continue and the relationship may become a resentful standoff. The foundation for a lasting romance does exist here, but Taurus must be patient and develop an acceptance of Libra's life-long hemming-and-hawing over friendships, lovers and even restaurant menus. On the other hand, Libra needs to become more sensitive to the gentle feelings of Taurus. Since Libra must have a partner who will share everything, Taurus needs to go along wherever Libra desires to go. If not, then Libra is apt to find a friend who will cater to his or her needs and Taurus will be relegated to simply waiting at home. Libra’s effortless beauty and social graces are what Taurus seeks in a partner. They will think alike and both appreciate beauty and prestige. They will balance each other out beautifully. Taurus provides substance and intensity to Libra. Libra lifts Taurus out of the darkness and into greater optimism. Libra could find Taurus dark moods a little bit extreme for their tastes. Taurus may feel the need for more understanding and devotion at times with Libra. Give each other space and you can survive the rough waters. This relationship gets better over time. Long-term love depends on both individuals’ goals. Here is someone who will help Taurus dress better and get out of the house once in a while. Sometimes we all need a reality check. Family issues will dominate over time. Family will play an important role in this association.

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