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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Scorpio And Taurus

Steer clear of this relationship if you can't take the heat, because when the Bull and the Scorpion get together, you can expect the mercury to rise. The coming together of a Taurus and a Scorpio will be nothing, but a match of opposites. Unless they find common strings, the relationship would turn sour, sooner or later. Both the Bull and the Scorpio are fiercely possessive and have traits of jealousy. However, the stability and loyalty of the Bull will satisfy the intensity of the Scorpio. Both the individuals are ambitious, strong-willed and determined. There would be great attraction between the two and if they click on same grounds, a blissful life is sure to ensue. This Water native is mysterious, emotive, sentimental, but at the same time introvert: it'll be hard to get into Scorpio's soul. To him/her, revealing him/herself to someone is like committing him/herself. And before doing that, Scorpio has to be certain it is worth it. Once you commit to each other, this relationship can become steady, stable and a powerhouse. Stand firm on the conviction that you are working to overcome inertia together. Taurus likes to touch nice things, own nice things, wear nice things, eat nice things and have nice things. For Taurus touch or the physical world is real and gives comfort. Scorpio is a strong individual, an extremely good friend, a formidable enemy, and prone to intense likes and dislikes. Scorpio lives in the world of black and white. Scorpio has little time for superficial people, places or things. Scorpio prefers deep commitment, deep conversation and deep thoughts. If Scorpio can't tell it like it is, Scorpio prefers to keep quiet. It should be mentioned that Scorpio has quite a few secrets. Scorpio has forgiveness issues that tend to make personal relationships challenging. Because you are both Fixed Signs, you can expect a battle of the wills to erupt from time to time. You each have strong opinions from what is the best brand of breakfast cereal to who should run for political office, so it's best to agree to disagree from the start. You are both very loyal to what you hold dear, and that can include each other, which can be a very good thing. It is important to find activities you can enjoy sharing, because this is a relationship that benefits from having shared goals and experiences. Family is usually of high importance to both of you, but you may not agree on the best way to handle family relationships. The truth is probably that if you meet in the middle, you will be more effective than if you stick to your own personal extremes.

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