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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Virgo With Taurus

It's love at first sight- Both are homebodies and they share the same intellectual pursuits. Taurus's tenacity and Virgo's sharp mind are a good combination for success as a team. And Taurus keeps a careful eye on expenditures, which pleases thrifty Virgo. Although they lack what might be called a spontaneous approach to life, neither puts a high value on that. They may have to adjust sexually, for Taurus is more physical. However, Taurus will probably waken Virgo's sleeping passions. And they have everything else in common. Taurus will be intrigued by Virgo's attention to detail and Virgo will click with Taurus's drive for material success. These two love birds will make a strong home, and support one another in areas where each lacks, making the sum total of the two a force to be reckoned with. Taurus will need to watch their wandering eye however, and this is probably the only thing that will really annoy Virgo. Both Virgo and Taurus desire material success and security. The one drawback is that Virgo is normally in control of their emotional output while Taurus thrives on deep emotion and could perhaps overwhelm Virgo. Balance is the key. Itís a good thing Taurus is thorough about everything they do because Virgo likes everything to be precise and perfect. Virgo likes the way Taurus takes their time about everything as he or she hates to see things spoiled through impatience or incompetence. And since they are neither careless nor incapable, thatís a good thing here. Virgo is proud of the fact that he or she can rely on Taurus completely. It takes a special person to meet the Virgoís high romantic ideals and Taurus may well be that person. In return, they are comfortable in Virgoís company. Virgo doesnít demand constant excitement and stimulation. Virgo doesnít particularly enjoy crowded nightclubs and discos and they too can think of other more romantic ways to spend their time. Taurus might have noticed that they tend to be more passionate about things than their Virgo lover. Indeed, Virgo can be a bit of a cold fish at times, but they can overlook this aspect of their nature when Virgo has so many other qualities they do respect and admire. With a Virgo, Taurus has found a like-minded soul and they will know this. They are both practical, methodical, down-to-earth and cautious. Their Virgo partner doesn't mind 'serving others' and this will appeal to the 'lazy' side of Taurusí nature. Virgo can be critical and sometimes they won't like being told what to do but Taurus will have ways of getting their lover to realize when they have overstepped the mark. Taurus is creative and they like to work with their hands. They like to feel as if they can enjoy life at a leisurely pace in their off-duty hours. And it's unlikely that Virgo will stand in their way. Some people like to party but the Virgo lover will be happy in twosomes even if he or she is simply reading a book or magazine, while Taurus develops a new hobby.

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