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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Virgo And Capricorn

The two of you can accomplish anything you set your minds to. A pretty good match emotionally, also. They admire one another and take great pride in pleasing each other. Both need respect and approval and each intuitively gives the other exactly that. With these two signs there are some similarity and compatibility. They are both very exacting. This stops many areas of disagreement. They both take great pride in appearance and surroundings. They will understand each other's goals and hopes for the future. These two will support each other through good times and bad. They will provide each other with what the other person instinctively needs and desires physically. Both have an appetite for tasteful atmospheres, though opulence is not impressive to them. These two may find their best evenings together are spent at fine restaurants or watching foreign films at home. Capricorn and Virgo couples should find ways to do things together that allow them to connect as a couple, while not making them feel guilty for wasting too much time on leisure. Home improvement projects or volunteer work are great weekend activities to allow these two time together. In general, Virgo’s perfectionism and constant energy work well with Capricorn’s ambition and stubborn discipline. Both find these traits admirable in a partner, though conflicts may erupt over whose career comes “first” in the relationship. These couples also need to be very careful about making time for each other as they can easily get wrapped up in their own goals while the relationship is neglected. These two would work well starting their own business as it would give them an opportunity to combine work and play. Both signs are often critical but have difficulty when others are critical of them. Nit-picking and hurt feelings could chip away at the relationship. Nevertheless, with a strong bond and a willingness to show the respect they feel for one another, Virgos and Capricorns can work as a team, which is at the top of their list of needs in a relationship. Both share an amazing ability to communicate and understand one another. Their conversations get better over time and so does the relationship. They will understand each other’s goals and hopes for the future. These two will support each other through good times and bad. Both signs are earth, while Virgo is mutable and Capricorn is cardinal. In astrology these two signs form a natural trine, the most beneficial aspect. Both signs are concerned with how others see them and neither one is inclined to show the outside world their true selves. Others might see these two as the “old couple” and passionate less. However, this is usually far from the truth. These two signs can have a remarkably calm, tender and fulfilling relationship together. This combination also tends to be great for friendships and businesses partnerships. Life in a home which a Capricorn and Virgo share can be a picture of domestic bliss. They both like to keep life simple and free of chaos. They will willingly cultivate the peace and sense of sanctuary that they need. They need not worry about one or the other wanting to go out more or host wild parties; Small gatherings of close friends suit both of them much better. The home will become a haven, a cozy place filled with Capricorn’s comfortable furnishings and Virgo’s pets.


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