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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Check : Virgo And Pisces

Virgo is earth and Pisces water, but both are mutable. In the zodiac wheel these two signs are opposite. Oppositions tend to bring a lot of attraction and these two can feel a mystical connection to each other. When things work out between these two signs they will both feel as if they have found their soul mates. The major problem in this combination is Pisces is ultra sensitive and moody and the Virgo is critical. There is also a tendency to drag each other down because both tend to be pessimistic. Virgo will see social and physical adventures in Pisces and will always leave Pisces longing for more. Desire will be a strong element that keeps the relationship exciting. Love will blossom over time to the point of a possible marriage. As close as these two get, they never really get together. Pisces could get cold feet at the wrong time and Virgo could get paranoid. JThere are many Pisces-Virgo couples, testament to the fact that opposites attract. They are directly opposite each other on the Zodiacal wheel, but both are mutable, able to 'go with the flow.' Pisces likes to wax poetic, or dreamily let their imagination take the lead. Although Pisces and Virgo separately tend to be weaker Astrology Signs, in this particularly strong combination they create an individual who is much greater than the sum of it's parts. You usually have an ageless wisdom and tremendous insight from an early age plus people are always come to you for guidance. Both Virgo and Pisces are easily jostled by the ups and downs of life. Virgo finds its center when there's a worthy outlet for the desire to realize natural talents, do good deeds, and be productive. Pisces finds strength when it uses creative gifts to engage with all the subtle levels of life experience. These two understand the pursuit of the other, and when devoted, this is a loving, fruitful match. They are two signs referred to as more apparently 'karmic,' with spiritual residue from past lives clinging on in this one. Perhaps at a deeper level, there's an understanding of what the other faces, and a desire to support the other in the journey. Virgoís are known to have quite a critical and sharp tongue on them, and always pick at faults in otherís. Although the Pisces will try and ignore it, after a while it will where down the sensitive Pisces and could even lead to a bit of depression on the fishes side. On the other hand the Virgo will be driven to distraction by the seemingly river of money the Pisces letís flow out of the bank on items that their Virgo lover just cannot justify. And here ends the romance. The only desire that will be left will be the urge to hurt and attack one another at every turn, which doesnít make for a healthy relationship.


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