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Pearl strengthens mental faculties, calms emotions and helps in attaining stability & equilibrium of mind. Pearl is believed to ensure a happy conjugal life and protection from widowhood. It is said to protect from harm from others, inspires love and faithfulness and overall ensures a happy married life. It also increases sexual strength and makes the conjugal life happy. Removes melancholy and increases fortune. It also provides vitality and wisdom. Pearl or Moti is used to remove the evil effects of Moon and it strengthens the mind force, increases good sleep and cures insomnia. This is normally shiny white in colour. It is a cold stone.

Pearl is very useful for ladies as it increases their facial lustre, thereby enhancing their beauty and will keep them ever young. It controls the rash temperament, as it is a cold gem.

It should be worn on 4th finger of right hand on Monday with silver. Weight should be 2, 4, 6, 9 grams.

Your Zodiac And Your Gem

Gems are specified to individuals for best results according to their Zodiac. However it is not that one cannot wear any other gem other than the one specified for his or her particular Zodiac. It is always advisable to consult a gemologist before wearing a gem. Because gems have adverse effects as well if not properly worn or used. The respective zodiacs may use the following gems.

Aries:     Red Coral
Taurus:     Diamond
Gemini:     Emerald
Cancer:     Pearl
Leo:     Ruby
Virgo:     Emerald
Libra:     Diamond
Scorpio:     Red Coral
Sagittarius:     Yellow Sapphire
Capricorn:     Blue Sapphire
Aquarius:     Hessonite
Pisces:     Catís Eye

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