Love Life in 2001 

June 21-July 21

A busy year for you emotionally, as bouts of insecurity and fear about losing your loved ones makes you sacrifice and give endlessly in most of your relationships, thus depleting you of energy, and causing wee bit of depression in the earlier half of the year. Those in love hear mixed messages from a convenient lover who is confused about commitment and may "need some move time" to decide, if there is ever a thing like that. 

However, you be good and give him/her time as your greatness is in-plenty, but make sure to know where you stared by June 2001 or you can be sure your barking up the wrong tree. Any emotional blackmail/pressure you use may backfire, making you feel angry and anxious all at one time. A temptation to flirt or get into something careless and casual will be high and there will be many from the opposite sex waiting to serenade you. But hold on to your horses and take a deep breath. 

Spend time with family in August to October 2001, and do some soul searching and filling of your environment with caring family and people. This will raise your self-esteem and you will tend to make choices from a greater consciousness, surprising many around you, as you make a contract with yourself to nurture and accept yourself totally, before anybody else. Expect obstacles in your path, but with firm determination and an inner knowing, you can transcend from pain to happiness. Your mate/spouse may automatically have to pull his/her socks up and catch up with you if his/her interest remains and renew old promises into a positive and peaceful future. 

Those married may get fewer moments of romance due to in-laws and relatives, but must later make an active move to spend memorable evenings with each other. You could sign up for a new class/course with each other to enhance togetherness and companionship. 

Lucky colour: Wear whites for focus in relationships.
Lucky Keyword: Greatness
Lucky Stone: Moonstone/pearl
Lucky Number:2