Love Life in 2001 


December 23-January 19

Family tensions and upheavals tend to dominate your life till April 2001. Hence putting love and romance last on your priority list, much to the dismay and disappointment of your mate who may see it as a betrayal on your part towards him/her and the relationship to which he/she gives paramount importance, may be even more than what is healthy and good. 

He/she smiles when you do and cries when you do, and though this may not affect you for starters, you begin to get concerned as you realise that you may not desire him/her forever and even and actually walk out. 

Be kind and tender and avoid making callous announcements without judging the situation and mood. A parting of ways is indicated my mid 2001, a time when you concentrate on domestic life and casual friends, keeping far away from romance. Although you make up your mind firmly despite all your fears, someone from the past may contact you again, and you are likely to feel attracted towards him/her and may impulsively head towards a no-strings attached arrangement. 

Those of you who are married may face in-law trouble and may seek the advice of trusted elder, as you feel the lack of support from your spouse who may not want to take part in domestic politics. 

However, do not panic as this is a temporary phase and things go back to normal by November 2001, where relatives and cousins could be visiting you and you spend much time and energy in entertaining them in exciting ways. 

Youngsters date a gorgeous and academically brilliant individual in their college/campus and pursue mutually liked interest and hobbies along with the mutual respect and immense liking they feel for each other. Enjoy, but avoid going over the top emotionally. 

Lucky colour: Wear silver for honesty in relationships
Lucky Keyword: Courage
Lucky Stone: Coral
Lucky Number:10