The Tenth House: The House of Social Status

December 22nd through January 19th

Planet Ruler

Astrological Symbol
Sea Goat

Body Zone
Capricorn rules the teeth, knees, and bones. Capricorn's may be more susceptible to broken bones and dental problems than people born under other Signs.

Brown and Khaki

Opposite Sign
Capricorn is opposite Cancer, the Sign of Home


People born under this Sign are determined and dedicated to achieving their goals. They are disciplined and ambitious. They're also realistic, practical, and cautious not to get in over their heads.

Capricorns start from the bottom and ascend to the top, working their way up with every step. The path is not always smooth, but their determination to succeed ensures they will push on. They can also be rigid and unforgiving when others stand in their way.

Capricorn uses hard work to gain authority and social status. Appearances are important. The Capricorn is tolerant and loyal, self-controlled and self-reliant, but this may also lead to repression or fatalism. They are dependable and serious, never giving up on their goals. Other people may see their ambition as domineering or egotistical, but they are patient when working toward what they want.

Capricorns are among the responsible and traditional Signs. They're usually careful, reserved, and stable. Sometimes they may be overly critical, but this is due to their strong desire to achieve their goals. When it comes to love, Capricorn is fully devoted, never daring.

The great strength of the Capricorn-born is in their ability to set goals and keep working until they achieve them. Their ambition is always full force, and they are not easily defeated when their goals are in sight.

The Capricorns hard work makes them one of the most successful characters of the Zodiac.

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