Love Life in 2001 


May 20-June 20

You are positive this year and take drastic steps, many a risk and firm decisions in order to make the most of your personal life. Those of you who are involved in senseless love-triangles and hopeless situations may have the dreaded honest talk with their mates, which may lead to a painful though necessary break up in May-June 2001. 

There will be times you may feel tempted to pick up the phone or send him/her anonymous flowers with the hope he/she understands it is you! And rushes to get in touch with you well! That could happen, but it will be impulsive and will die a natural death. You may end up feeling used and cry yourself to sleep more often than you imagined. Seeking solace in a friend or sibling would be essential in the rainy season when you're especially filled with nostalgic memories, but try avoiding over-dependence and unprecedented behaviour that puts you back in the mess you've walked out from. 

Hold your head high and forge ahead with confidence. Make room for the new without any bias even if its an arranged proposal made and brought to you in October-November. Take your time. Don't hope against hope, and give the eligible and charming individual a chance. Indulge in fun-dating and laughter and make a decision by December 2001. Friends and family will be supportive and stand by you in weaker moments. 

Those married may have little time with their hectic schedules, domestic responsibilities and children, but will manage a quick nice & sweet holiday in October, which will strengthen bonds and improve the romantic passionate side of your marriage. Planning a baby will be on your mind and what better time for good news and celebration. Much harmony is in store. 

Lucky colour: Wear purples to heal old wounds and move on with grace and dignity.
Lucky Keyword: Completion
Lucky Stone: Amethyst
Lucky Number:3