Love Life in 2001 

July 22-August 21

You begin the year in a gregarious and lavish mood as you are full of energy, happiness, laughter and hope, as your love-life blossoms and your dreams come true before your eyes. Your current date brings much into your life and fits the image you have to your soul-mate perfectly. You shower her/him with surprise outings, gifts and gestures in February-March-April, so much so that she/he finds everything beautiful in every aspect. 

A small separation due to work-related reasons and bit of domestic tensions in June, may cause you to be withdrawn and realising that his/her parents have not taken kindly to you or your relationship, may cause uneasiness and fear of the future. Be brave and have more faith in your beloved who stands by you as a rock, defying all rules and regulations, knowing exactly what he/she wants. An announcement for an early engagement made by him/her may cause shock waves and sulks for a while but matters settle amicably around September-October 2001. So be prepared for the best and smile. 

If single, your inflated ego may delay you proclaiming your love from roof tops for someone you secretly admire and hope will be yours forever. Make a plan and approach and you'll be surprised to get a warm and genuine response. Develop a strong friendship before you jump into passion and romance, and talk more often and openly as much as you can. Discover each other. Domestic life is peaceful and household conflicts that some of you are facing, will see better times in December 2001. 

Lucky colour: Wear pinks for love and more love in relationships
Lucky Keyword: Faith
Lucky Stone: Diamonds
Lucky Number:11