Love Life in 2001 


September 21-October 22

A year where much and all will depend entirely on you to create for yourself, for you will have to remove those rose-tented glasses you have on since endless time. You need to stop looking at people and the world unrealistically and need to stop living in a big fantasy, building castles in the air endlessly and hoping and wishing that they are the ultimate truth. 

Those of you who have been in love with someone you think or feel admires and likes you in return, may actually find and see that it is not true at all. Realising that you have wasted time and delayed destiny may anger you, but attempts to do anything about it will be time-consuming and will take you further away from the new path that's waiting for you. However, after much ado you make plans to try or visit him/her again, if he lives in another town, but whatever you try backfires, causing you to be rejected and embarrassed at times. 

Do not overlook someone dynamic and promising that you know and who you have been passing off as "not being your type", when it may actually be quite the contrary. Give yourself the gift of true love and enjoy yourself. 

You may find that some people posing as close pals, may not have your best interests at heart and may try influence your vulnerable mind and heart in August-September. Pay no heed and allow for no mediation between you and your new to-be mate you may actually focus your energies on, after October 2001. You won't regret it, but let's not over expect as he/she may have jet-set career plans with no mention if you in the near future. Don't wait on! Enjoy the present and do things to enhance your own path. You will be surprised to know you're full of fun. 

Lucky colour: Wear reds for good energy in love 
Lucky Keyword: Practicality
Lucky Stone: Ruby
Lucky Number:7