Love Life in 2001 


November 22-December 22

You are at your emotional and social best this year, as you make important connections, heal from the past, and look forward to an exciting adventurous future in your personal life. Those of you still recovering from past relationships, are successful in finally tying the knot, cutting all unhealthy ties and changing their pattern in February 2001, after which, abundance enters your life from everywhere. All those around you notice and appreciate the new you minus the bitterness and cynical streak. They trust you and thus, you draw to yourself happy people and situations, and you begin to feel good and confident in your own eyes. 

Travels to far-off lands are in plenty in May-June and you fall head over heels for someone who sweeps you off your feet with his/her charismatic and magnetic ways, bringing with him/her new and enriching experiences that make your heart pound and believe in the power of love all over again. The universe is with you and plans for a commitment may be discussed. 

Those of you who are married or are in long-term relationships, ask for forgiveness and make amends as they take responsibility for chaotic times they created in love, thus embarking on a fun-filled romantic trip/adventure in September-October 2001 to discover each other again and find solace in long hours of chatting, longer drives and moonlight strolls under the stars and moon. You make room for the new, discarding other old and dreaded ways of relating and being with each other. 

The year ends with many a party and picnic, putting you in a whole new world. A world you look forward to every day in every way. 

Lucky colour: Wear mauve for continuing perseverance in love
Lucky Keyword: Achievement
Lucky Stone: Jade,  Lucky Number:3