Love Life in 2001 


April 19-May 19

There will be many sighs of relief and reaching for the stars in love and romance this year, as yours is the sign of undying love, once committed. However, be careful of your stubborn streak and your innate urge to be right all the time, which may rob the very essence of passion from your life and leave your mate/spouse feeling hopeless and helpless. 

Those in long-term relationships facing tough conflicts, seem to reach a better ground of understanding after March 2001. However, you may feel that your beloved's moods and unpredictable ways are getting to you and you may sometimes blow your head off, thus leading to many a violent tantrums and quarrels that wake up the neighbours and make you the topic of hot gossip amongst your social circles. Many may try and influence you in a way that may sometimes worsen the situation. Trust your instinct. Listen carefully to family and pals but do exactly what your heart says. 

It would be advisable to say and do things with responsibility and know that whoever and whatever you attract in your life has something to do entirely with you. Ownership is likely to bring a shift slowly but steadily for some of you as your efforts will be noticed and appreciated in abundance after July 2001. There will be joyful times ahead for many of you who will tie the knot in November-December 2001. You can look forward to many a happy surprise and may be even a shift of residence and town, as your mate could be transferred or choose to work overseas. 

Youngsters nurture a crush with someone a lot elder than they are, and is thus unattainable. People will be successful in trying to prevent you from being silly. However you enjoy yourself in plenty with many, party and boogeying, and trying your level best to bump into him/her on a daily routine basis. All the best. 

Lucky colour: Wear blues for serenity and peaceful transitions
Lucky Keyword: Change
Lucky Stone: Blue Sapphire
Lucky Number:8 

Lucky colour: Wear creams for peaceful ties in love