Love Life in 2001 

August 22-September 20

You are the source of strength and calm for your sweetheart and family this year as they look upto to you and appreciate your mature ways and sensibilities. They completely trust your intuitions and your rationale, hoping to learn from you and provide you with their emotional best. 

Your mate/spouse may have troubles in health and wealth till April-May 2001 and you will go out of your way to assist and help. You give him/her suggestions and help make many a wise plan, hoping to create more positivity and optimism in his/her life. 

You will read between the lines perfectly, understand the moods and job of your beloved and what makes him/her tick and will be instrumental in steering his/her life to better heights, thus enhancing love and the bonds of closeness and intensity that make your heat sing and dance for the most part. 

The world in general may look at you with suspicious eyes, as some of you seek and search for unconventional set-ups and live-in mates, and, unconcerned about the voices you hear outside, you listen to the voices in your inner self which bend you to follow you own perceptions of happiness and fulfillment in love. 

If single, you tend to be rigid and fixed in your views which may put off the opposite sex who may not find you flexible and fun, with the exception of someone extra special and cute you bump into at a social function/party in October-November 2001. You are ready to take the world on. However, do not be sticky and arrogant in your ways. Go out more often, stop looking and finding things to criticize and size up and enjoy the small and big joys of life. Be thankful for friends, loved ones and Mr./Ms. Right that you find by your side by the end of the year. 

Lucky colour: Wear yellows for direction in love.
Lucky Keyword: Intuition
Lucky Stone: Yellow Topaz
Lucky Number:9