March 20-April 18

You are emotionally unavailable to loved ones this week as you face serious professional strife and tend to require more space and time to sort matters out. Family conflicts and arguments with a sibling may be on the rise, as you are short tempered and impatient. Your mate/spouse tends to amuse herself/himself with friends and get-togethers hoping to see you smile more often and avoiding times alone with you when the air gets thick with anxiety and uncertainty. Those in long-term relationships seem confused about their future and may stall marriage for a while. If married, avoid temper tantrums as your mate may choose to move out this weekend temporarily and cool off. Get a hold of yourself, express your feelings and don't be afraid to show your vulnerability. Youngsters catch up on pals and have a swinging time partying.

Lucky colour: Wear maroons for love

April 19-May 19

Your feeling in a real positive mood this week and this shows in your relationships as you infuse positivity. If you stay optimistic, things will go from good to better in a particular friendship which seem to have romantic inclinations. However, don't go out of your way to make things happen as you will come across untoward obstacles. Let fate guide you into intensity, passion and love as you share perfect rapport and understanding with your sweetheart.

Others make family their top priority this weekend and show loved ones how much they really care. Surprise gifts, treats and long evening get-togethers will keep you happy and energized.

Lucky colour: Wear creams for peaceful ties in love

May 20-June 20

Being seen in the right places and with the right people, you decide can only be a good thing, and you may be invited to so many parties, you may have trouble deciding which one to go to first. This is a week of fun and frolic, making intriguing friendships, bumping into someone cute and available and spending long hours dreaming about him/her. You may hesitate to approach or show your feels, rejection of any sort playing havoc on your mind, although friends encourage you shamelessly and may even think of some antics to get his/her attention on you. Expect surprises this weekend. You make adventurous and exciting plans with cousins, relatives dropping in on you.

Family life is peaceful although a parent may tend to be nagging and a little generosity of spirit from your side will make all the difference.

Lucky colour: Wear orange for fun times in love

June 21-July 21

You seem undecided and confused in your love-life and although the eclipse in cancer may last a while, you need to deal with touchy people and issues you've been avoiding. This will create more misunderstandings and hurt feelings than you can handle. Some of you may feel a lack of interest in their mate/spouse and it's fair enough. You feel you are not being emotionally fulfilled in anyway. But avoid suppressing your feelings and brooding over the past and move-on. A decent closure may bring peace and keep more openings for great things to happen.

Those in long-term relationships may have to bear with a traveling spouse and long telephone chats minus the cosy times and romantic dinners. However, friends step in to make an extra special weekend for you full of great things like movies & shopping sprees to look forward to.

Lucky colour: Wear purple for patience in love.

July 22-August 21

You continue to be stubborn, ruining your own chances for a better understanding and peaceful times in love. Your mate/spouse may gradually drift away from you. You need to respect what he/she desires at this point as it will be vital in your relationship or you may lose romance with her/him forever. Some of you may nurture a crush on someone committed and quite unavailable hoping that he/she notices and likes you anyway. Do not set yourself up and allow others to play games with you.

Youngsters are happy in their social circle and are likely to plan an overnight adventure/picnic this weekend. Family life is peaceful, though spending quality time with elders should be given more importance.

Lucky colour: Wear greens for patience in love

August 22-September 20

After a rough emotional patch, your distracted mate/spouse finds his/her way back into your heart after many a cold war and indifference from your side. You decide to go easy on past grudges and accept your sweetheart in totality avoiding the jealousies, his/her numerous pals and activities that engrosses him/her and stall romance. However, avoid playing hard to get this mid-week and go along with plans made for a romantic getaway this weekend which may turn out dreamy and delicious.

Those in unconventional relationships tend to interfere in most decisions their mate makes, not giving them enough freedom of expression. Stress may play havoc physically on your dearest and you play perfect guardian for the most part.

Lucky colour: Wear yellow for forgiveness in love

September 21-October 22

You are possessive in love and may demand all the time and attention from your mate/spouse giving in to noisy tantrums, dramatic scenes and big sulks to get your way. He/she in turn will try to be as understanding as ever. But you need to stop and appreciate the efforts and feel secure in your relationship. Some of you find it difficult to let go of the past coping with the pain and hoping your ex-lover finds it difficult to move on without you and calls sooner than later. Don't bet on it and even though you may get news this weekend avoid repeating mistakes again. Someone new on the horizon will come in just as soon as you give the universe permission to make it happen. Spend a quiet weekend with close pals.

Lucky colour: Wear red for security in love

October 23-November 21

You flirt outrageously this week and will be the center of attention and attraction with the opposite sex as you are all out to make an impression with your charming ways. You are likely to attract someone quite interesting though your intensity and plans for the future may tend to scare him/her off. Be yourself but avoid being too pushy to make things happen. Have more faith in the power of love.

Those married may have to deal with disappointments from a close pal and to top it all, an aggressive spouse who may not be the perfect listener. You may have to work this one out yourself and avoid being too moody or romantic moments will be few and far this weekend.

Lucky colour: Wear pinks for romance in love

November 22-December 22

You seem content and happy the way your personal life is shaping up as you work on painful relationships of the past and deal with them in true spirit and honesty. People that once meant a great deal to you seem more approachable and a second chance at many a friendship will be offered to you. Make sure of what you really want and do not get motivated by guilt or obligation in your choice.

Those looking for a life mate will be more open and receptive to the opposite sex and will attract someone good looking and strong from an overseas background. A quick engagement and marriage is not ruled out. Just believe in miracles and then make them happen.

Lucky colour: Wear lavender for new beginnings in love

December 23-January 19

Reunions this week are the highlight for many of you who will finally meet up with your mate/spouse after a long spate of traveling and being apart. Expensive gifts and intense feelings will bridge the gap and set the ball rolling for the big romance returning to your life.

If single, you may be pressurised to check out a few eligible mates lined up by your family and though embarrassed and awkward you are likely to meet up with a soul mate sooner than you imagined. You might spend a great deal of time this weekend discovering each other, enjoying mutual hobbies and painting the town red and end up saying "Yes" to the marriage proposal made to you.

Lucky colour: Wear browns for confidence in love


January 20-February 18

You may be more in love with the concept of love itself rather than your mate/spouse this week. And if he/she appears to be too perfect to handle, you need to get your antenna up and dig some facts that may alter your relationship. Especially if he/she is someone you are currently dating and you don't care to know much about where and with whom you are really heading into a very uncertain future with. Your family may seem concerned but have given up on you and your ways hoping that good sense will prevail on you and some wise decisions on your part will change your personal life for the best.

Those married may have a few arguments that create uneasiness for a while. But your spouse will be good natured and generous enough to forgive and forget. Enjoy romantic moments and long moonlight walks renewing promises.

Lucky colour: Wear blues for truth in love

February 19-March 19

You are on top of the world romantically as you discover love and togetherness with your mate/souse who is in an indulgent and playful mood that brings great times and plenty of sunshine into your relationship. Those in long term relationship may decide to have a live-in set up and follow their hearts. Friends will be supportive and celebrations this weekend will be full of laughter and fun. Some of you may admire someone at the work place and think of a million ways to bump into him/her and strike a conversation. Don't be too hasty as things will happen for the best and you will find yourself in a real conversation with him/her real soon. Family life is demanding and a sibling visiting you from overseas will be your top priority.

Lucky colour: Wear rainbow pastels for harmony in love



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