How Vaastu Works

It is interesting to note that an imbalance of these elements in the Nature cycle can create calamities like earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons, tornados, floods or a famine, such an imbalance can cause physical, mental or emotional upheaval in one's life.

Vaastu (vastu) diktats help in achieving harmony between external energies such as heat, light, sound and so on which we are constantly receiving from our surroundings and internal energies that are commonly routed through our diet, sleeping habits and above all our thought process. A dissonance in internal energies reflects on our physical experience but mental unrest. When the internal and external are balanced, health, wealth and happiness unfolds.

The layout of the house and the orientation of furniture play a vital role in receiving external energies. Following shall be the location of :underground water tank in the north-east, kitchen in the south-east, master bedroom in the south-west, the children's bedroom in the north-west and the drawing and dining areas towards the center of the house.

An obvious question evolving at this stage would be: if the rooms are not as per the configuration mentioned how does it affect the flow of energies?

Without getting into the nitty-gritty, if the antenna of your television set is not aligned to the relay station, how can you expect a clear picture? If you expand this concept to larger scale the tenets of Vaastu become perceptibly clearer. Elaborating further, when we sleep with our head towards the north, since, our head is considered the north of the body, there is repulsion between similar poles (Theory of Magnetism). The effect can be experienced physically as low or high blood pressure, insomnia, or a high level of cholesterol, signifying that our body is becoming vulnerable to minor blood disorders, which can be reduced by reversing the head position to the south.

To summaries one can say that by following the Ten Commandments of Vaastu (vastu) we can utilise our optimal potential which leads us to harmony and success.




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