Vastu & Astrology


Vastu is not greater than Astrology. No Vastu expert can make Tata and Birla by any tact. The Vastu expert can only manage to provide energy as per the power available in the natal chart of the native and not more than that. A sufferer approaches the Vastu expert only when the native's chart points it out. And at the time of suffering if one gets even a 20% help he considers the success as a miracle.

Vastu has been mentioned as the parts of the Vedas and the Puranas ( old testimonies ). Because it is a truth that is why a place has been given to it in these scriptures. All the Natural Energies such as Sun, Moon's magnetic power, underground energy, the energy of the earth, the energy which makes the earth move on the orbit etc. work in harmony. The proportionate storage and its use for a particular job brings good results. The Architecture corrections bring immediate results. If the native is runing a good period according to his natal chart the results are startling. In these days Vastu experts are available in great number in the streets who have become architects by reading 50 page pocket books. If the authors of Vedas, Puranas, and of the classics like Brihatsamhita, Mayamtam, Mansaar, Vasturajvallabh etc. were alive they would have been pained to learn this.

Those who have a little knowledge of Astrology, Mahurta or the Scriptural knowledge of the Vastu they are doing bad to the people by taking the shelter of different books with unacceptable theories of each other. On observation it found that the correction was made on the advise of the Architect for the wealth but instead he lost his son. One who got consultation lost the gains of this world but the Architect lost the gains of this as well as the other world. Therefore it is stressed upon the public that only the authorised architects be consulted and before taking the advise he should be asked some of the past incidents of life without telling him on hte basis of the Vastu and the Astrology.





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