Principles of Vastu

"Is Vastu / Vaastu really a science? And why is there a sudden awareness and interest in Vaastu only in the past few years? How come it is the `in' thing today, is it just a fad or fashion?"

Well, the first mention of Vastu (Vaastu) is in the Sthapatya-sastra, one of upvedas subordinated to Atharava Veda. Vastu-sastra in its fullest exposition belongs to Tantra which is the applied knowledge of the Atharva-veda. subsequently one finds its reference in the holy epics of Ramayana (Sri Valmiki Ashram) and Mahabharata (Dwarka), an era when philosophy was a way of life. It was questioning and reasoning of philosophical thoughts or ideas that evolved various sciences as we are aware of today. Areas where logical explanation has yet not permeated, fall in the realm of mysticism. I personally think Vaastu is best described as a `Mystic Science' which can be compared to the human existence. Medical science has explored and explained various aspects of the human body but what still remains unexplained is the Soul. The principles of Vaastu are like the principles of the health of the body; the reasoning or logic behind the principles are like the unexplainable Soul.



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