Vastu Shastra and Feng shui – A comparative study


A bone of contention between the two ancient philosophies is the importance of the northeast sector. In Vastu, it is regarded as an auspicious spot whereas Feng shui regards it as the gateway for imps and devils. Though China and India are geographically contiguous regions, there are crucial environmental and cultural differences. These differences are bound to be manifested in the two systems of placement.

Both these ancient sciences agree that an impressive door can add to the prestige of the resident. But doors that squeak or groan or get stuck are considered harbingers of bad luck. Either school of thought does not recommend sitting with your back towards the door. This is practical even in modern day offices since it keeps you from being startled or surprised and thus disrupting smoothly flowing work energy. Both systems look on plants favorably. While Vastu principles do not look favorably at sap-exuding trees, Feng shui regards thorny and prickly plants as negative chi. Both systems advocate a housewarming or groundbreaking ceremony to commence construction or before moving in. Vastu shastra has survived for a long time and has transformed itself from an architectural guide for temples and palaces to individual houses too.




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