Vastu Tips For Students

  • The room to be chosen for study should be in the East, North or the North-East direction of the house. These directions improve the absorption power and increase the knowledge content. Along with that if the door of the room is also in either of these directions , the result turns out to be the best.
  • The study room should have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati.
  • The books in the study chamber should be kept in the South-West , South or West direction and not in the North - East .In addition to that if the north - east direction bears heavy weight it shall pressurize the students' mind.
  • Furthermore , if the student studies on the table and chair , the table should not stick to the wall .It should be at least 3 feet away from it . Along with that unnecessary books should not be piled up on the table . Only the books which are needed should be kept on the table. Load of books on the table create unnecessary mental pressure on the mind .The study books should be placed in the cupboard in the cabinet rather than in the open .And if the shutter of the cupboard is kept shut , the flow of energy is constantly maintained.
  • If the learner makes use of the Table lamp then the lamp should be kept in the South-East corner of the desk. Plus if it is a square table then nothing like it. Further the size of the study table should not be too big nor too small. It should be just the size which is comfortable for the working of the student. A big sized table diminishes the working capacity , whereas the small table gives rise to depression.
  • Moreover , if possible , the walls of the study room should be light orange in color as it is very auspicious and enhances the wishing power as well as supports the speedy progress of mind.
  • Along with that , at the same time of study , the learner should use a pyramid cape as it proves to be extremely beneficial . Not only that it embellishes the remembering power and absorption.
  • The student should ensure that after studying when they go off to sleep , their head is in the South direction . It helps in maintaining the magnetic balance of the body and the earth.
  • And last but not the least, a pendulum watch is a must in each and every study room.




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