Quick Vastu Tips for Stairs / Staircase

Should be placed so that they are not visible to the guests all direction except North-East can be used. Preferably it should be in south or west direction.

If the steps are at Eshan side or eshan corner , the inmates may suffer with Cancer type or severe ill health problems.

If the steps are at East side towards Eshan corner then the inmates suffer bad name and their works cannot go smooth, they may have bad name in the society,(this matter is from their expenditures are also very high even they have good income.

Steps should always come into Agneya side or Vayavya sides, if so it will balace the vastu. How to know and how to fixup or construct the steps at Agneya or Vayavya corners, please see this link for more information on Steps or Stair cases.

There is no count for steps, you can place any as per your requirement and convenience.

Steps are called with different names in different places. Rung, shed, stairs, steps etc.

Internal staircase has to be provided, for example then the room in the north east and north west should be left out.

Suppose a linear staircase is designed either inside the house or outside the house. Then it should be from east to west or north to south. Then it may take any direction.

If you want to construct the stairs at outside provide in eastern south east, the eastern compound wall should not be touched. It should be from north to south and proceed from there towards north from south after the landing. That will lead to enty into the first floor in an exalted position.



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