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Exercises For Getting Toned Thighs And Calves

You may want to practice some  yoga positions  that target the lower body including hips, thighs, and calves. The best thing about yoga is that you can get rid of the fear of developing big, bulky muscles, because yoga concentrates more on making the muscle fitter not larger.

Try starting with the Mountain Position (Tada Asana). It is a simple position with no complications; so even if you are overweight, you will be able to perform this position easily. Stand upright with your arms beside your body. You may want to stand in front of a mirror in the beginning just to make sure that you are in the right position. Stretch your whole body while putting your head, shoulders, hips, and feet in the same vertical line. Do not lean forward or backward and hold this position for about 5 minutes. After this you may want to try a variation of this position by standing on your toes and the balls of your feet. This variation will add a lot of strength to your calves and thighs. It will help in burning more fat so maintain this position as long as you can.

Change from this position into other positions like the Triangle Pose (Trikona Asana). Practice these two positions interchangeably for a while and you will see the difference. At the end you can try the Warrior I and II positions, which will take your thigh and calf muscles to the next level.

Practicing yoga in general stretches all the muscle groups of the body including the thighs and calves. The different poses will tone all your muscles and give you a firmer body. Keep training and doing your yoga exercises and you will get tighter hips and thighs and well sculpted calves.

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