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Yoga: 3 Essential Tips To Follow While Doing Pranayama

Three steps before doing PRANAYAM are -

1. EMPTY STOMACH Stomach should be empty. Early in the mornin, doing Pranayam is very good for health. Early in the morning, oxygen level is high so doing Pranayam leads to more intake of oxygen. If you are doing Pranayam in the evening then a person should have a gap of 4-5 hours between the meals. If the stomach is not empty so instead of giving advantage, pranayam can cause bad impact on our body like indigestion, acidity. So stomach should be empty or a gap of 4-5 hours between the meals should be present.

2. ISOLATION FROM ZERO POTENTIAL- According to science, earth is having zero potential. While doing pranayam one needs to sit isolated from the ground. Isolation from ground provides sufficient energy to our body.Without proper isolation, energy is not circulated properly within the human body. So its better, if one sits on the mat, cloth or even on the bed. The sole aim is just to provide isolation of body from the ground.

3. POSITIVE THINKING - Before starting pranayam one needs to think positive. A person doing Pranayam should think positive. A positive feeling itself can cure many diseases. The ultimate aim is to keep the mind in peace and to think positive. Positive thinking develops positive energy in the body and this positive energy itself cures several diseases.


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