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Yoga: What is Time for Pranayama:

According to Yoga, and the latest scientific discoveries prove it, everything in our Universe is a vibration. One of the characteristics of the vibration is the rhythm. The rhythm is manifested in everything – the planets rotate round the Sun, one season changes the other, the day comes after the night. Human bodies also live according to different rigid rhythmic cycles. One of the most important of them is breathing. The ancient yogis worked out a special system of breathing exercises aimed at the perfection of one’s breathing skills. This system of yogic breathing techniques is called Pranayama.

The most important in Pranayama is the rhythm of breath – the ratio of breathing phases. Traditionally the duration of the inhalation, the retention of breath and the exhalation is measured by mental counting or by counting the heart beats. But for the beginner and even for the advanced practitioner it is very difficult to stick to a rigid rhythm – there’s a tendency to slow down silent counting during the retention of breath. As for the heart beats, it is not very pleasant to listen to them. One may use an ordinary clock with the second hand, but another problem appears – if your breathing pattern is, for example eight seconds for inhalation, thirty-two seconds for breath retention and sixteen seconds for exhalation, you’ll have to do a lot of calculating to measure the correct beginning of each breathing phase.

The computer programme Time for Pranayama lets you engage yourself in the practice of breathing exercises without worrying when to begin the next phase of breathing, no matter how complicated the chosen ratio of breathing phases is – Time for Pranayama will simply tell you what to do at the moment. Time for Pranayama is an attentive teacher who does all the measuring for you. Besides it also makes certain adjustments to the pattern of the breath, as the student of Pranayama progresses in his practice.


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