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Yoga Poses for Knee Pain

The postures of yoga like Tadasana (Shoulder stand), Makrasana (Fish Pose), Veerasana (Hero Pose), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) and Vrikshasana (Tree Pose) work great for the treatment of joint pain.


  1. Stand upright
  2. Hold your feet firmly on to the ground
  3. Straighten your back
  4. Breathe slowly
  5. Inhale and exhale as it relaxes your body
  6. Stay in this posture for sometime


  1. Sit upright
  2. Fold your legs like in lotus position
  3. Hold both of your toe tips with your respective hands
  4. Try to lie on the ground with your legs still in this pose
  5. Touch the ground with your head
  6. Hold on for sometime
  7. Slowly free the posture


  1. Begin with the cat pose with both your knees and the hands on the ground
  2. Slowly sit back with your legs folded inwards
  3. Bring your hands back and keep them folded near the stomach
  4. Inhale deeply
  5. Exhale slowly
  6. Relax

Triangle Pose:

  1. Stand upright
  2. Spread your legs
  3. Balance your body in this posture
  4. Slowly touch your one hand on the ground
  5. Take the other hand up in the air
  6. Stay in this posture for quite sometime
  7. Release from the posture
Breathing exercises when practiced along with these postures help to provide relief from the acute pain in the joints. These exercises involve the lower limbs and provide relief from the knee pain. The breath exercises provide the desired oxygen to the muscles so it helps them rejuvenate and refreshes the mind as well as body.

Breathing exercise stops the creation of the toxins in the body which is the chief cause of several knee diseases including arthritis. It helps to keep all the organs and organ systems active and fresh which provides new zeal and vigor to the body. These exercises should be done in a cool manner so that the limbs are not loaded and the knee is provided exercise in a very comfortable manner.

These exercises should however be stopped if it causes strain to any part of the knee. It should be practiced in a very cool and comfortable manner in order to provide great flexibility to the knee movement and at the same time make the muscles of the knee strong.


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