Kiss : FAQ's

One of our most frequently asked questions is.... HOW? How do I kiss him/her for the first time? How will I know how to kiss? How do I know when to open my mouth?

Do these question often haunt you when you think of kissing? Then you are at the right place. We're going to give you some tips and hints for making that kiss a good experience for both of you.
1. What if your cuddle buddy or kissing partner is not quite up to your standards?
- Get out of the situation! There are way too many available cuddlers and kissers out there with great skill and are sure to please. Let your partner know why you're cutting off the cuddle or kiss and tell them to seek you again ONLY when they have improved enough to satisfy your cuddling or kissing needs.
2. Is there a time limit on cuddles or kisses?
- As long as everyone involved is happy, cuddles and kisses can last and last and last.
3. How do I kiss him/her for the first time?
- Softly and slowly. You don't want to bump faces on your first time out. A sweet brush of lips feels good whether it's your first time or your hundred and first times. Remember that a kiss is a very sensory act. You'll be close enough to breathe the person in, to feel their skin against yours. Relax! Be aware of your partner. Is he/she leaning in or holding back waiting for you to move? If they're leaning in, you can gently lay one hand against their cheek and lean to meet their lips. Begin with your lips closed. Keep it soft and light.
4. How do I know when to open my mouth?
- When French kissing...part your lips slowly against the other person's lips. Make sure they're also parting their lips. A kiss is a partnership and it's important that you only go as far as the other person is comfortable with. Remember that the slower and softer the kiss begins, the sweeter the memory it will leave. This is a time to go slowly. You're exploring each other for the first time and there's no finish line. It's not a race to see who can get the most tongue in. You can begin by tracing the other person's lips as they part against yours. This is a can pull your tongue back to see if the other person follows. You can brush the tip of your tongue across the tip of theirs. This is a good time to pull back gently and look at the other person. A good kiss is full of new beginnings.... Lips pulling away and brushing back feels good and it lets you both decide whether you want to keep the kiss going. A kiss should linger. There's a soft tingle and a flutter of excitement that you can't miss if a kiss is good